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Welcome to our Our Testimonials Page!!

Happy with your Tide RingsTM? Want to share your story with us? Or, maybe you are here to see what others think of the Tide RingTM. Whatever your reason, THANK YOU!! We look forward to sharing your story with other current and future Tide RingTM Customers!!

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To the people at TideRings - I just want to tell you how well they are working for me. I have a 65' 70 ton steel trawler now located in Virginia and the normal tides are running 2 to 4 feet and sometimes as much as 6
feet. I am using your TideRings, two aft and two forward and under normal conditions they will hold the boat in place and is all that is needed (I also am using two spring lines). We recently had a front come through with
recorded winds of 53 kts. and the boat rode well and as the winds pushed water into our location the boat moved up the pilings with ease. In case of a known storm coming my way I would probably add another line to your TideRings removing some of the stress on the first line -- your TideRings are plenty strong enough. I am quite sure my lines would fail way before your TideRings. Many people that walk by the boat comment on "simple and effective" way my vessel is secured in the slip. I have installed small hooks into the pilings and when I leave the slip, the rings hang on the hooks, and then I drop the line over the hook --- when I return the lines are ready and the TideRings are working for me again. Thanks for the security that your product gives me and my vessel.
Dennis L - Gloucester, VA.

Dear TideRing – My wife and I are in our late 50’s and have been living aboard our  44’ Ketch for 3 years now. We’re hoping to continue our lifestyle for the next decade or two. We are in different ports every month or two and one of the problems we have, until seeing your tidering is that if my wife or I were gone for extended periods of time, we had to rely on the marina or friends to adjust our lines.

With the Tide Rings we have been thru 3 major storms, with in excess of 60kph winds, the Tide Rings adjust our lines for us perfectly, better than we could if we watched them 24/7. The amount of freedom they give us both is tremendous.

Thank you and we wish Tidering.com well.

Albert and Thelma - Movin’ Round


You asked us for our opinion of your product (www.tidering.com) several months ago, sorry for the delay. We have just returned from the seeing our first grandchild and upon returning we found that the tide rings have been doing their job very well. We have a set of 4

1/2” tiderings on our 41’ Hunter it has not a scratch on her after a big storm came thru when we were gone, the tides moved over 11 feet with winds around 50 knots, and our neighbor was telling us of he and his son watching our tiderings move with our boats needs; while they were outside making adjustments to their own lines (in the rain and wind) they decided right then that they were ordering from www.tidering.com

Seeing ours in action, convinced them that tidering is a must have. I normally do not write comment cards and opinions, but in this case, you guys deserve a standing ovation. Thank you

John and June - Luvin’ Life

To Whom It May Concern:

My honest opinion of your tidering.com product is fantastic. I’m no longer outside adjusting my lines in the dark, wind, rain, and do not have to worry about what day I will be back to my boat. I’m a single cruiser on a 38’ Chien Hwa Trawler. I have spent 30+ years on ships in the Navy and wish there was something like tidering then. The time and effort savings alone is fantastic, but the real impressive thing about your product is the strength it has. I looked online for other similar products, found one, but it was made out of cable, and only has 6,000 lbs of strength, where your small one is over 40,000 lbs of strength, yet the prices are about the same. You have engineered a great marine product for mooring and docking and kept your prices affordable. I have an idea that I would like to talk about soon, please call me at ***-***-****. Maybe there is something we can do together, you guys have talent. Thanks again

Cappy Bob - "Slow-n-Steady"


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Want to leave your own testimonial, then go to our CONTACT page and use our form to tell us your story!!

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