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"Tide Rings" TM are made of SOLID 304L STAINLESS STEEL!!!

Our Tide Rings TM , are formed from Solid 304L Stainless Steel. Tide Rings TM are also available in 316L Stainless SteelOur Tide Rings TM come in a few material sizes to choose from.

  • The Series 1630, Tide Ring TM , is made of solid 3/8" 304L Stainless Steel Rod in 14" Diameter. Made for vessels sized 16 to 30 feet

  • The Series 3044, Tide Ring TM , is made of solid 1/2" 304L Stainless Steel Rod in 14" Diameter. Made for vessels sized 30 to 44 feet.

  • The Big Boy, our Series 4470, is made of solid 5/8" 304L Stainless Steel Rod in 14" Diameter. Made for vessels sized 44 to 70 feet

  • Larger and custom sizes available. Please contact us with your needs.

Tide Rings TM are STRONG!! Our strength is second to none, our Series 101 (3/8 inch Solid 304L SS) tested at over 40,000 US pounds with in house testing.

The Tide Rings TM rolling balls and spacers are currently available in WHITE, BLACK and GLOWing. They are made of an engineered polymer that is designed for the harsh salt water environment and are resistant to the UV rays of the sun. The high quality balls density acts like a series of ball bearings against the piling, not allowing the balls to "mush" into the piling causing any additional friction.

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About the "Tide Ring" TM

The "Tide Ring" TM , a free floating line ring, is designed to accommodate the various and unpredictable wave actions that occur. Tide Ring TM keeps you easily moving up and down the piling, allowing your boat to freely mirror the waters actions. After all, our boats were made to float of water, not fight against restraining lines and mother nature. Using Tide Rings TM allow you and your boat, to work with mother natures actions, and not against. Keep in mind this will also reduce line strain, and greatly diminish line wear.

Only in tidal areas??

Tide Rings TM are not only used in tidal areas. Tide Rings TM can be and should be used as well in the Great Lakes, Mississippi river, and Tennessee river, for some examples,  where storms and water level changes wreak havoc on boats as well. So really anywhere you tie a boat up to a piling, you can use a Tide Ring TM . And lets not forget, they are easily stowed. We have taken into account the cruising life style and Tide Rings TM can easily be taken with you. They store in a closet or locker, taking up about the same amount of space as a coat.

Our "Tide Ring"TM story!

We are a group of engineers and manufactures that have a love of the water and the boating lifestyle. Our first Tide RingsTM were built to accommodate our own boats and make our lives easier. They were not built for resale, but rather for our peace of mind. We too have experienced the tides and storms that cause many costly repairs. Lets not forget that nagging chore of having to adjust our lines and not feeling comfortable leaving our boats without someone to watch over her. Adjusting lines in a storm for us was almost as much fun as hitting our thumb with a hammer. With our Tide Rings TM , we could leave our boats feeling comfortable, that as the sea would rise or fall, our Tide Rings TM would adjust to keep the vessel in the same position.  After seeing them, people began asking where to purchase our Tide Rings TM .

So to our fellow boaters, we offer all of you a cost effective solution that is of the highest quality and proudly built in the U.S.A., using only U.S.A. labor and materials. The entire product is made in house, including, the molding, welding, bending, machining and CNC work.

We all need to spend more time aboard and less time adjusting lines. And after all a boat is a large investment, why chance beating it up. Get your "Tide Rings" TM now!!

*** If you have an idea or product you would like us to work together on, we welcome the opportunity. Our network of engineers and manufacturers has been built over the last 30 years. Our connections and resources are vast.

Our in house Talent is something we are very proud of and we have strived very hard for our team, and our family. If you are either a customer or a person with an idea, "we welcome you aboard".


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